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A Review of Hotel Chocolat’s Ice Cream


I am walking around St Albans town centre in the summer heat on my day off, when I see Hotel Chocolat. I don’t think it’s even possible to walk past one of their shops without going inside. (This might have something to do with the free samples) My partner refers to me as a “chocolate monster” so I simply can’t walk past without a cheeky taster. The flavour of the month was Mojito chocolates, not really to my taste but it’s chocolate and it’s free so…

I saw some women queuing up to buy an Ice-cream, I have probably been in Hotel Chocolat a hundred times, and never tried one of their Ice creams. The big sign read “ICE CREAM OF THE GODS” Apparently the cocoa comes from the plant Theobromacacao which translates literally as “Cocoa, food of the gods.”

The crazy fitness ED voice in my head  reads the description, “Ooh look it’s only 12% sugar” I tell myself that it is NOT the reason to try it!

The shop assistant was so friendly, she asked me if I had ever had one before, I said no. She replied “Oh they’re so good and made with roasted cocoa nibs”. I have no idea what that means but it sounds organic or something important.

So, I opted for the standard jersey milk ice cream in a tub (I’ve never been one for wafer cones, they just slow me down) I made the decision to go without the salted caramel sauce because I didn’t want to take the taste away from the main event. The ice cream is dispensed from a machine just like your standard Mr Whippy and the portion size was decent. The texture is actually quite similar too. I liked the texture, it was light and easy to eat but I just felt it was a bit plain. To sum it up, it TASTED HEALTHY, probably because it wasn’t sweet enough for me. It kind of tasted like a healthy chocolate, or maybe similar to the Beyers chocolate protein ice-cream, I just didn’t detect ENOUGH chocolate. Personally I would opt for a Mr Whippy 99p with a flake over this but maybe that’s because I have such a sweet tooth. Luckily, every purchase comes with a little 60% chocolate stick, which was pretty tasty.

“ICE CREAM OF THE GODS” Is a pretty big statement and I’m not sure I would agree! And for £3.25 I would give it a miss and buy some of their salted caramel puddles instead.

Overall 2/5


1/5- You would have to pay me to eat this again

2/5- I would eat it again but maybe steal it rather than buy it

3/5- I would probably buy again if I was wondering aimlessly around supermarkets

4/5- Get in ma weekly trolley

5/5- I will be dreaming about it most nights and venture across mountains to Hogwarts, where I would dual with Lord Voldemort in order to experience this magic again